"smooth finish roofing & construction celebrating 32 years of excellence"

Dennis Helm Founder /Owner

In the industry since 1987, 

Dennis continues to serve Oklahoma homeowners.  

Keeping pace with Oklahoma's annual severe storms is no easy task

 yet by assembling the best tradesman in the business, 

Dennis has essentially created his very own 

"Dream Team." 

Taking pride in all aspects of roofing, working and living in Central Oklahoma has lead to a passion for efficient, and diligent 

storm damaged restoration. 

With the love and support of my beautiful family, I nurture

 Smooth Finish Roofing & Construction to grow 

along side the needs of our community. 

Dennis Helm




The beginning...

Dennis Helm began in 1987 as a professional painter and painting contractor, "Hence the name Smooth Finish." 

As business increased Dennis began to receive referral calls many of which came from homeowners, businesses and insurance companies, Dennis was more than happy to add them to his already growing list o satisfied customers. Dennis eventually would be working as a Premier Provider for one of the top insurance companies in the U.S. Being a consummate professional Dennis always arrived at his job sites bright and early. He was often met by the home or property owner, who would inevitably ask Dennis "where the contractors were?" Such roofing crews etc...  After explaining that he was a painting contractor who only performed the service of painting it wasn't long till Dennis saw a great need. Folks need dependable roofing contractors so Dennis Helm became one. He would eventually become a senior advocate as well. 

Dennis believed that he could out serve the competition in this new industry and he was right, However after working so hard for so many years building up a great name for himself and his business He wasn't about to change that now. So he simply added a roofing division to his name and that is how Smooth Finish Roof & Construction was born.


Now 33 years later with hundreds of roofs installed and tons of referrals, We're still serving Oklahoma residents today with the same recipe for success that sets us apart from the rest.    

It's simple...   "We Care."

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